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Between completing her postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music and subsequently going on to Drama School, Isobel completed an intensive training programme and apprenticeship at The Voice Workshop in London before becoming a full member of their voice teaching staff. She worked in an interdiscliplinary team with teachers of the Alexander Technique, yoga practitioners, a physiotherapist specialising in ribs and spine and a dentist expert in the temperomandibular joint and jaw malocclusion, using physical techniques based on a sound knowledge of vocal anatomy.

Between 1994 and 1998 Isobel was vocal coach on a number of productions at the Schauburg Theatre, Karlsruhe, and taught korperdispositionstraining at the Institut fur Musiktheater at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik, also in Karlsruhe, combining this with her continuing singing career (studying with Darinka Segota in Stuttgart) and occasional acting jobs. She expanded her teaching to include techniques acquired during the course of her performing life, and thus knows to be effective. Isobel has always taught from a strong physical bias with a focus on good posture and flexibility for building vocal strength and freedom.

In 2000, Isobel set up the Voice Studio in a riverside studio in Marlborough, Wilts, later moving to Newbury and now operating out of Newbury and Reading. She has taught courses at Newbury College and run workshops for local choirs, businesses, arts organisations and a singles club.

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