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“Isobel provided our Equity Branch with a fun and hugely motivating workshop that made us think about our breathing, posture, how we should look after our voice, and how we can get the best out of our voice. Isobel is a brilliant teacher, and with her professional experience as a voice coach, singer, and actor, she provided us with the necessary tools to go home and practice what she had taught. Whether you are a singer, actor, voiceover talent, or just want to learn how to ‘unlock your voice’, we would very happily recommend Isobel.”

Equity Home Counties West General Branch

“Isobel's technical expertise in conjunction with her professional experience as both an actor and a singer ensure that her work as a vocal coach is both comprehensive and supportive. After one workshop my speaking voice had more depth and expression and I was able to access a much wider singing range with ease. I came away with simple but effective tools to enable me to continue the work at home.”

Jane S. (Actor)

“Isobel helped me with my breathing and posture and gave me the confidence and techniques needed to tackle sets of over 30 songs. I've subsequently sung with professional musicians and I'll be back for a refresher course before this summer's gigs.”

Ian D. Singer with Barnsley Vista Social Club

"At the age of eight, I was told at school I couldn't sing and have spent the last 40 years believing this to be true. That was until I finally followed a New Year's resolution to get some lessons and found Isobel's details online. I have been her student for just over a year. It has been an amazing experience and her belief that if you can hear and speak then you can sing are indeed true. Using her own style and techniques she helps students unlock the abilities that we all possess. Isobel has immense patience, a professional but relaxed style and an absolute commitment to helping people to sing. I thoroughly look forward to my lessons and unreservedly recommend her as an outstanding vocal coach."

Rob M.

'"Isobel is the best singing teacher I have ever had. She understands that you sing with your whole body (and mind, emotion and spirit too), not just your vocal cords. She senses where difficulties and blockages arise and can show you how to overcome them. She can enable anyone to sing their heart out!"

Carolyn F. (music gradate from Manchester University)

"I really enjoyed my singing lessons. I still draw upon the exercises and techniques you showed me and the confidence and inspiration you gave me for vocal performances both on stage and in the studio. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you".

Andy B.

"I came to Isobel for two reasons. Firstly, I like singing and though I was used to performing acoustic guitar singer-songwriter stuff I'd never been trained and I wanted to sing better. Secondly I had planned a performance for my 25th Wedding anniversary party and wanted some expert help to prepare for my set at this event. My inhibition in approaching a coach was around personal embarrassment and a question in my own mind about the kind of material I wanted to perform and whether this would fit with the style of coaching. I needn't have been concerned. I've been working with Isobel for over two years now. It's been great fun, extremely therapeutic and yes, my singing has improved no end. Isobel has accommodated anything from my usual singer songwriter preferences and my own material through to Frank Sinatra and show tunes. I now know a lot more about how to connect with an audience and to convey to them what I feel. I'm much more confident in doing it too. I don't have anything specific to train for just now so we now changing tack away from songs and into more direct training of my voice. Isobel is very enthusiastic and varied in her approach and is fun to work with so whatever we do is enjoyable and I always look forward to my lessons".


"If you have never sung before but plan to surprise your wife by singing to her in front of 100 people at her 40th birthday party, then I recommend taking (lots of) singing lessons with Isobel."

Paul M.

"Thanks very much for your great session last week. We have had very positive feedback about the session and I think that it also served as an excellent way to get the group to bond! At the close of play on Thurs we showed them the short video clip of the final ‘performance’ of the turtle dove and it brought it all back to us! It was a real pleasure to work with you Isobel and I’m sure we will again in the future".


"Just wanted to say how grateful I have been for the chance to sing properly again these past couple of years. It has been inspiring”

Jackie H, Green Park Choir