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Why yoga?
Since training with an interdisciplinary team at the Voice Workshop in London, Isobel has been a firm believer in the power of yoga to help free up the mind and body, and to support and sustain freedom in the vocal mechanism.  She has been including yoga exercises in classes and workshops for many years and has recently qualified as a Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance), having trained in Scotland with Waking Minds Yoga.  As well as incorporating yoga into her regular teaching,  Isobel is now able to offer yoga classes, private lessons and a range of workshops with or without a vocal component.  She has taught voice to yoga teachers and is also training to teach yoga to special groups.

Free your body, mind and breath
Using yoga to increase physical awareness and understanding, and increasing the awareness of breath, singers are able to find more flow and a more natural way of producing sound.  Public speakers are able to master the nerves, tension and postural habits that prevent them from expressing themselves clearly and sincerely.  All are able to develop new confidence, fluidity and solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Unlock your hidden potential
You can learn about the mechanics of your voice and the effects of postural stress on your vocal anatomy. With a better understanding you can stretch and tone muscles that will transform your voice and body. You can enjoy flexibility and strength and the ability to make your voice do whatever you want it to; whenever you want it to...

Isobel Collyer
MA Hons (Oxon) ARCM (PG) Dip Acting (Arts Ed)