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Since 2007 The Voice Studio has been in partnership with in Reading and is resident at their Arts Pad in Market Place, offering people the chance to explore their creativity by unlocking
the voice. The Voice Studio offers workshops, classes and private tuition to a range of people from beginners right through to professional singers and actors.

After a course of lessons, speaking and singing become freer, easier, more secure and a lot more fun.

If you have vocal problems,
inhibitions or want to explore your untapped vocal potential, send email to:


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What does your voice say about you?

Do you sound confident, clear and sincere? Can you express yourself directly and to the point,
or do you worry that your voice will let you down under pressure or in the boardroom?
Correct use of your voice and body is the key to eliminating tension, and learning to breathe naturally
will improve your vocal and physical efficiency.

Ever wanted to sing?

If you can speak and hear, the mechanism is in order and you can sing, whatever anyone may have
told you in the past. With the right information and a programme of exercises you can improve your
vocal strength, breathing and intonation, discover the joys of vocal freedom and learn to love the sound
of your own voice. Singing is a wonderful form of expression that anyone can and should enjoy!

Unlock your hidden vocal potential

Learn about the mechanics of your voice and the effects of postural stress on your vocal anatomy.
Free-up and tone muscles that will transform your voice and body. Enjoy flexibility and strength
and the ability to make your voice do whatever you want it to; whenever you want it to...

Isobel Collyer
MA Hons (Oxon) ARCM (PG) Dip Acting (Arts Ed)